Podcast episodes roundup #4

Dr. Andrew Huberman: The Science of Small Changes The Knowledge Project Ep. #133

An Episode from Farnam Street Knowledge Project, a conversation with Dr Andrew Huberman, it’s full of gems, he talked about how lights will affect our sleep, how taking a small exercise with breathing technique will help to boost your mood.

And few other thing like Caffeine, alcohol will also affect our brain, and will tend to damage it in the long run.

No.1 Neuroscientist: Why You Should Always Look Into Someone’s Left Eye! & How Stress Leaks Through Skin, Is Contagious & Gives You Belly Fat! Dr. Tara Swart

This is also a blast, the episode all about how your brain percieve reality, how they fooled us, how we can train our brain to have a much more productive, a pathway that your brain could develop into something more useful.

So much other thing like, trauma can might be inherited and it can change your genes, how porn could damage your brain.

Podcast episodes roundup #3: 11 Strategies of a World-Class Security Operations Center

For today’s edition, I’ll put a podcast episode series, these episodes are part of what it called 11 Strategies of a World-Class Security Operations Center, from Sans.

Since I love listening to software development, security, and its surrounding, this is a great resource for someone who are currently want to take a dig deep onto this field, this series will explained what are those strategies, this taken straight from the book published by Sans Institute, title the same name.

Learn a lot from these episodes, hope you too!

Podcast episodes roundup #2

In this edition, while commuting to work, i’ve been listened to these episodes,

Not much of the episode i was listened lately, but already pick and add some into my playlist.

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Everything Everywhere podcast

Everything Everywhere podcast

Already posted on my previous post one of the episode, currently i have been listening to quite variety of history podcast, and one of it is Everything Everywhere, a short bite of history, not too long, not too short either, and the content is not only history, but facts, general knowledge etc.

The podcast episode is just right, the host Gary Arndt, took the listeners back to history, how things become a thing, how things made, who made those things, wars, dictators, geography, it tells almost everything history.

I was hooked at first when i found out and listened to the history of Pakistan and India partitions, after that, listened to other episodes like knight templar, the history of chocolate, Mayan civilization, Galapagos island or about a person like Khalid bin walid or Queen Cleopatra.

Subscribe to the podcast via Pocket cast, Apple podcast, Spotify, or visit the site.

#1 Podcast episodes roundup

This might be the first edition of podcasts episode roundup, the idea is i will put episodes that i think it’s interesting, and worth to listen, the episodes will not always new releases, it could be from 2-3 years ago, or more, but still relevant, at least for me.

How to Make Good Decisions with Shane Parrish

From Ten Percent Happier Podcast.
I find this episode is really great, usually Shane get deep with his guest on his podcast channel, but this time his turn, and it is amazing how he could came up with decision, and how he can do that in a very short time, how he can think clearly.

Emily Balcetis: Setting and Achieving Goals

From The Knowledge Project, i wrote my introduction to The Knowledge Project.
Another podcast about clear thinking, how we decide things, what drives us, and also how we can think much better as a person.

The Knights Templar

From Everything Everywhere Podcast.
Recently i have a fond of history, and this episode short but concise enough, understand quickly, it tells about how Knight Templar build, how they operate, how they got so rich, and how the knight disbanded, i know it was not a full picture, but since it’s a short history, no bias, it helps me understand who is Knight Templar, whithout having to know everything about them.

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Podcast Player

Podcast Player

Hmmm…. How do i start with this, I have been writing about podcast player in my personal blog, i have been reviewed bunch of them, and also few podcast channel,

Yes, i’m one of the Google Podcast dissapointed users, and need to switch to the other podcast player, otherwise will stuck with an unmaintained app, since Google killed it.

I’ve tried few apps that suits my need, from podcast management, UI/UX, library (sometimes podcast app has its own method of cataloging channels, more on that topic maybe later), amongst other thing.

Currently i have been using Pocket Cast from Automattic, the one who created Wordpress and other things.

Using Pocket Cast is quite simple, even though i still rooting for the simplicty of Google Podcast (darn!), from podcast queue, download, subscription, on Google Podcast is a bit easier, i know i’m bias here, using Google Podcast longer than Pocket Cast, and so far i’m happy using Pocket Cast.

Other apps that i have been tried like Castbox, Spotify, TunesIn, Stitcher, I’m also an iPhone user, so tried Apple Podcast, Castro, i might reviewing each of the app later on, and for now I’m sticking with Pocket Cast.