Podcast Channel round up

This segment is about finding or found new podcast channel, usually coincidence, while browsing and see some podcast that I like, and then I found some other podcast that I like too, here’s what i found.

Simple on Purpose
This channel might seems unrelated to me at first, since the title of the podcast is about mom, and i’m a dad :), but there’s a lot of gems about life and other things, probably you could ask your wife to listen to it too, i was stumble this episode, it’s about intentional living, many of us, including me, living our live in autopilot mode, sometime we don’t know how we ended up in situation, it just there

BBC World Service - CrowdScience Podcast
At first, i found this episode from BBC CrowdScience, titled Why am I so lazy?, this episode took me to another episode, and then another episode, until i hit subscribe button in my podcast player.

Rework Podcast
I first know about rework when it was about the book, and they manage to do podcast using the same title.

Podcast episodes roundup #5

Here are some episode i have been listened to recently.

2023 Podcast round up

It’s been a while, this might be too late to have this article wrap up for 2023, but i’ll try it anyway, i have been listened to these podcasts in 2023, and they are great, here’s the list.

I have habit to only listened 1 eposide first, and when it’s finished, look for other episode that might interest me, then i’ll listen to the next one, if i’m interested more, will subscribe to that podcast

Podcast episodes roundup #4

Dr. Andrew Huberman: The Science of Small Changes The Knowledge Project Ep. #133

An Episode from Farnam Street Knowledge Project, a conversation with Dr Andrew Huberman, it’s full of gems, he talked about how lights will affect our sleep, how taking a small exercise with breathing technique will help to boost your mood.

And few other thing like Caffeine, alcohol will also affect our brain, and will tend to damage it in the long run.

No.1 Neuroscientist: Why You Should Always Look Into Someone’s Left Eye! & How Stress Leaks Through Skin, Is Contagious & Gives You Belly Fat! Dr. Tara Swart

This is also a blast, the episode all about how your brain percieve reality, how they fooled us, how we can train our brain to have a much more productive, a pathway that your brain could develop into something more useful.

So much other thing like, trauma can might be inherited and it can change your genes, how porn could damage your brain.

Podcast episodes roundup #3: 11 Strategies of a World-Class Security Operations Center

For today’s edition, I’ll put a podcast episode series, these episodes are part of what it called 11 Strategies of a World-Class Security Operations Center, from Sans.

Since I love listening to software development, security, and its surrounding, this is a great resource for someone who are currently want to take a dig deep onto this field, this series will explained what are those strategies, this taken straight from the book published by Sans Institute, title the same name.

Learn a lot from these episodes, hope you too!

Podcast episodes roundup #2

In this edition, while commuting to work, i’ve been listened to these episodes,

Not much of the episode i was listened lately, but already pick and add some into my playlist.

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