The Knowledge Project Podcast

The Knowledge Project Podcast

This is the first podcast i wanted to post here, it’s the podcast i’ve been followed, listened when it came out, it’s so well thought out. hosted by Shane Parrish.

The Knowledge Project, from the website description.

The Knowledge Project Podcast uncovers the best of what other people have already figured out so you can use their insights in your life. New episodes every second Tuesday.

And it is, it did not dissapoint me when new episode came out, love how the interview’s going, Shane storytelling, the guess that invited to the podcast also top notch, so many things i learned from the episodes.

Few episodes i wanted to highlight

And many other episodes, i’m shamelessly admitted that i did not join Shane’s Membership Program, but Shane kind enough to publish most of the episodes for free, thanks!.

On the main website, it also published articles, knowledges and many others, for start, please check out this article, it’s an amazing article.

This is good podcast, introduction.

This is good podcast, introduction.
Photo by Will Francis

This is a blog for fun, since i love reading and also listening to podcast, listened while commuting, workout-ish, or while i can.

I love listening finance, engineering, technology, and many other.

The premise of this blog is will post a curated podcast channel, the episode that i think interesting, useful at least for me, and might useful for the audience, as i go find and found new podcast.

Podcast ecosystem also quite interesting, the app for listening the podcast is a lot, many are great, and many bad as well.

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