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Hmmm…. How do i start with this, I have been writing about podcast player in my personal blog, i have been reviewed bunch of them, and also few podcast channel,

Yes, i’m one of the Google Podcast dissapointed users, and need to switch to the other podcast player, otherwise will stuck with an unmaintained app, since Google killed it.

I’ve tried few apps that suits my need, from podcast management, UI/UX, library (sometimes podcast app has its own method of cataloging channels, more on that topic maybe later), amongst other thing.

Currently i have been using Pocket Cast from Automattic, the one who created Wordpress and other things.

Using Pocket Cast is quite simple, even though i still rooting for the simplicty of Google Podcast (darn!), from podcast queue, download, subscription, on Google Podcast is a bit easier, i know i’m bias here, using Google Podcast longer than Pocket Cast, and so far i’m happy using Pocket Cast.

Other apps that i have been tried like Castbox, Spotify, TunesIn, Stitcher, I’m also an iPhone user, so tried Apple Podcast, Castro, i might reviewing each of the app later on, and for now I’m sticking with Pocket Cast.

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