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#1 Podcast episodes roundup

This might be the first edition of podcasts episode roundup, the idea is i will put episodes that i think it’s interesting, and worth to listen, the episodes will not always new releases, it could be from 2-3 years ago, or more, but still relevant, at least for me.

How to Make Good Decisions with Shane Parrish

From Ten Percent Happier Podcast.
I find this episode is really great, usually Shane get deep with his guest on his podcast channel, but this time his turn, and it is amazing how he could came up with decision, and how he can do that in a very short time, how he can think clearly.

Emily Balcetis: Setting and Achieving Goals

From The Knowledge Project, i wrote my introduction to The Knowledge Project.
Another podcast about clear thinking, how we decide things, what drives us, and also how we can think much better as a person.

The Knights Templar

From Everything Everywhere Podcast.
Recently i have a fond of history, and this episode short but concise enough, understand quickly, it tells about how Knight Templar build, how they operate, how they got so rich, and how the knight disbanded, i know it was not a full picture, but since it’s a short history, no bias, it helps me understand who is Knight Templar, whithout having to know everything about them.

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